photo with the leadership council of La Beyi, Haiti

photo with the leadership council of La Beyi, Haiti


Business Start Up Training

Business Start Up Training (BST) is an extensive 12-month training program that marries micro-enterprise business training with a biblical perspective on business.  Participants are equipped to launch their own business, with their own seed capital. The course consists of four major areas: classroom sessions, market research, business mentoring, and Bible study.  The course is divided into two "streams" allowing 50 entrepreneurs to be trained. The BST trainer lives in the region for the first few months of the training.  Over 85% of the businesses launched through BST continue to be viable 18 months after the program ends. This effective training has resulted in the launching of hundreds of profitable micro-enterprises with solid biblical worldview. The first training is fully funded. Each training 12-month training program is $12,000 and subsequent trainings will likely be implemented in coming years.

Pastor Training

Pastor training for La Beyi will be focused on the BILD Pastor Training System, which is comprised of two major components, the BILD Institute and the Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development. Together, they provide church leaders with a complete system for establishing every believer and training leaders at every level within their church, church network, or church-planting movement. Thousands of churches and leaders around the world are using these programs and resources to establish believers and train leaders with a vision of seeing the gospel progress and the Church spontaneously expand in their villages, towns, cities, countries and cultures.

It’s important to note that most everyone in La Beyi already knows God, and God is the center of everything they do. This training will reinforce their faith that already exists and is not a program to force faith upon them. Each program organized by 410 Bridge is a program that the community themselves have asked for. This pastor training will equip them with more trained pastors and a stronger church community to further strengthen the faith they lean on every day - it’s what gets them through. The program for La Beyi is $6,000 and we’re so close!

Charity: water in Mozambique

Amount raised: $1,151 | September 2017

The projects you’re helping to fund are located in Mozambique in the Muecate and Nacorôa Districts of Nampula Province. Nampula Province is the most populous of the 10 provinces of Mozambique, with a population of over 6.1 million people.

Droughts and floods are common in Mozambique, as well as cyclones and earthquakes. In addition, floods and earthquakes exacerbate the water crisis. Poor, rural communities are the most vulnerable to these natural disasters, which cause frequent periods of large-scale food insecurity. This is especially true in Nampula, where maize farming and fishing are the main sources of food and income. In an evaluation in 2014, our local partner, World Vision, found that 99% of households in Muecate District and 97% of households in Nacarôa District were using traditional latrines that did not meet national standards. This poor sanitation contributes to the spread of water and sanitation-related diseases.

Using your generous donation, we’re working to improve the lives of the people in these districts. In this commitment are 76 total projects, including 62 drilled wells, 12 piped system tap stands, and 2 water point and sanitation facilities. So far, 32 of 62 drilled wells are completed, 12 piped system tap stands, and 2 water points with sanitation facilities are under construction. Additionally, 13 Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) committees and 2 school WASH clubs have been fully trained and another 76 are in progress. 2,286 children and adults from 23 communities have been engaged in Community-Led Total Sanitation and Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation trainings, leading to the construction of 1,022 household latrines. 

We’re halfway through and there’s still work to do. But importantly, World Vision doesn’t anticipate any project delays for the remaining projects to be completed in the next six months. 

Access to clean water is a catalyst for nutrition, gender equality, education, and economic growth. Thank you for partnering with us to change the lives of people in Mozambique!

What’s next?

As soon as projects are complete, we'll collect GPS coordinates, photos, and other details about each community to show you the impact you’ve made in Mozambique.