I’m Stephanie Jacobs

An advocate for the vulnerable, collaborator, and newly self-proclaimed writer.

I’m also a promoter, connector, and activator. In short, I like to get things done through fruitful relationships with others. With a background in project management, consulting and leadership development, I’m on a mission to find tangible ways we can put our hearts together and invoke change for those most vulnerable. I’ve created this site to share stories highlighting social issues through a positive lens of light to create impact through education, encouragement, and collaboration.

My Mission

My heart broke for the poor long ago and I yearn to walk with them on the streets, in their countries and in their homes. I pray I can show them the love and dignity they deserve as a human being and child of God. And my heart broke for others too; I’m ready to take this same love to others needing encouragement just the same. 


I'm so glad you're here!

Let's see what we can do together.

It was tough to leave the large consulting firm I’d come to find very comfortable, with amazing colleagues, clients and friends - A place with so much career potential and professional growth. It took a long time to build the courage to walk away…But, I’m on a mission. A mission in which I believe is a calling from God I can’t refuse.

Naturally, people now think I don’t work for anyone, but I beg to differ. I work for God. He’s pursued my heart relentlessly. Daily. Almost constantly. I wavered for years between having full faith in his call and worrying about how I’d contribute to our lifestyle, if it will be a detriment to my career projection, or whether I’ll fulfill my potential. He patiently pursued me until I came to realize that fulfilling my potential on earth means to live out what he’s created me to be. BAM! I already knew the answer. How could I argue with that? Suddenly, it was so clear and His mission has now become my mission. This is God’s work, not mine. To realize this has been an incredibly humbling state of being. To fulfill God’s work is not about what I’ve done or who I am. It’s about who he’s created me to be. It’s about lifting up the vulnerable and advocating for their livelihood…and sometimes their lives. I don’t know exactly where this will lead, but I do know the journey will be more than I ever imagined and my end destination will only be the beginning of the lives of many. Knowing this energizes me like nothing before. It’s given me the courage and confidence to dig-in, learn all I can and get a little dirty.

This is a process for me as much as it is you. I hope you’ll walk alongside me as I learn about nonprofits, volunteer, and serve through mission work. Take the first step to join me on this journey and sign up for monthly stories. Together, we’ll learn, grow, connect and build a community that focuses on the beauty in our world while lifting each other up!

❤︎ Stephanie

P.S. While many of my stories reference God, I want this to be a place where anyone can collaborate in helping others. It's my hope even stories referencing faith are focused on causes we can all connect around! Will you join me?

Education: This is a place for nonprofits to showcase their work, allowing us to learn and connect around what they do! Want to find tangible ways to get involved? This is your place. Specifically, stories from the Nonprofit Spotlight can help us become aware of causes we’d like to support, connect with fellow advocates, or simply follow their good works!

Encouragement: Feel good stories and words of encouragement are my fuel. Here, you’ll find social stories interwoven in a positive light and encouragement to live your purpose-driven life. At times, you can even take the opportunity to share your own words of encouragement to the most vulnerable!

Collaboration: This is where impact happens. Know of a nonprofit you’d like us to showcase? Let us know! Ever wanted to pour love on someone, but weren’t sure how? There will be opportunities to share your own Letters of Love! Occasionally, we’ll jump into the Reflecting Pool to review what we’re learning, how we’re helping others, and what other content you’d like to see.

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